WHy colours of Life?

By Cornelia Heine, Cofounder
In 2014 a research project as part of my master studies took me to Myanmar and like many people before me, I was immediately captivated by the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people. I decided to return as soon as possible. In 2017, I quit my job and set off for Myanmar. The first months will always remain in my memory. For weeks I walked or rode my bike through the winding streets of Yangon, discovering enchanted corners and centuries-old monasteries. Many things were strange and fascinating, not a day went by without me discovering something extraordinary. And with every new word of Burmese I learned, I came closer to the people.

After a few months, I started working for the United Nations Agricultural Organization (FAO) and lived in Yangon. During this time I taught English at a social business: the Linkage Training Restaurant. Here young adults are taught cooking and restaurant management. I started to become more interested in the concept of social business, and in the topic access to education.
I myself might not have been able to finish my studies without a very easily accessible student loan provided by the KFW Bank. And I met many people who gave me great opportunities and had a positive influence on my path in life. That is why I feel a great desire to give something back. I want to use the privileges, resources, networks and skills that I have been given or have acquired over time to create something that creates impact. And Colours of Life gives me the opportunity to do so.

The name originates from the philosophy of the astrophysicist Tom Chi. According to this philosophy every human being has a spectrum of colours on his “palette of being”. With these colours, he or she paints his/her very own and unique picture of life. Some colours are inherited collectively, others we gain in the course of life: through skills that we learn, connections that we understand or events that we experience. For me, the possibility to complete a university course or training represents an enrichment of colours on the “palette of being”. And with new colours, we are able to create the picture of the world in a livelier, colourful and peaceful way.  New colours. New perspectives.

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