Colours of Life supports young adults who demonstrate perseverance in their studies, are ambitious to bring forward social change and contribute to the progress in their home communities. Applicants should be under 30 years and have a high school diploma formally enabling them to access universities in Myanmar. Our selection principles are based on the following:

We want to support students who are not able to finance their studies by their own means.

We expect our scholarship holders to be socially committed or to have already demonstrated social commitment.

We expect our scholarship holders to regularly document the progress of their eductation or training in the form of reports and interviews. We expect our scholarship holders to provide regular documentation on the progress of their education in the form of certificates and personal reports.
As an organization we commit ourselves to publish regular reports or interviews of our scholarship holders on our website.

The scholarships are paid monthly.In case of disregard of our agreement, the payments will be stopped.

We cooperate with NGO Child's Dream foundation for continuous monitoring of the selected students.

  • Students must submit a written study report with proof of achieved results every semester
  • Students are in regular communication with the team
  • In case of non-compliance, scholarship payments are stopped