education should be accessible for everyone

Our Approach


We provide scholarships

Colours of Life strives to enable Myanmar students from marginalized background to pursue their higher education.

Our Mission

 is to establish an easily accessible scholarship fund in Myanmar.

Our Vision

is to transform the lives of Myanmar’s disadvantaged young adults though higher education . We wish to contribute to a society where access to education is possible for everyone and not constrained by financial or social circumstances.

Our Story

We are a group of friends who share the same passion towards Myanmar and its  people and want to contribute to positive change and create  lasting opportunities.  We met living and working in Yangon and witnessed how challenging the access to higher education is for so many. Colours of Life  was created  with the aim to enable  those to study who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.We believe that the skills, knowledge and confidence that come with completing a degree or course will enable our recipients to raise their quality of life and make a positive impact on their community.

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Every euro donated will go directly to our students! We all work as volunteers.

Who We Are


Cornelia HEine

I first came to Myanmar in 2014 for research and then moved to Yangon in 2017 where I worked for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). I feel that access to education is key to create lasting change and opportunities and wish to contribute with our NGO to this aim.


Thomas Preischl

After 1 adventurous year in Laos and 4 amazing years in Cambodia I was drawn to Myanmar and established a travel company (Easia Travel). The story began in 2005. Whilst on an independent holiday to Myanmar, I fell in love with its people, culture and beauty.

Celia Hulin

I landed in Myanmar in 2015 to start a 6-month internship in tourism. After completing my master degree, I came back full time in 2016 and since then I have been enjoying discovering every single aspect of the country and the culture. Creating a fund to support education is a beautiful way to give back to a country that brought us so much.

Carine Le Port

I have been living in Myanmar since 2013, where I have been working as a Center Director of the Temasek International College, as CEO of EduLink Australia, and as a senior lecturer for Strategy First and STI Myanmar University. I have experience in providing scholarships to Myanmar students myself and hope to reach even more with this NGO.


We raise funds to support our first student for his or her university course starting in September 2020. We plan to provide full scholarship for tuition and living expenses for the duration of his or her studies. Once the student is selected payment of the scholarship is done on a monthly basis and only in accordance with continuous proof of study. The recipient will also be asked to post regularly about his or her progress on our website.

Selection principles

Colours of Life supports young adults who are ambitious to bring forward social change or contribute to the progress in their home communities. Through our large network we will promote the scholarship widely and establish a transparent selection process. This will involve a motivation letter and skype calls with prospective students as well as personal interviews with our team members. Details of the application process will be posted on our website once the funding for the first scholarship is secured. A candidate eligible for the sponsorship will:

Have demonstrated his or her motivation to support social causes in his/her community
or through private engagement.

Come from a poor background or marginalized community and has no access to financial support.

Plan to work in the areas which benefit the community such as social justice, peacebuilding, medicine or strengthening of civil society.

We expect work with our scholarship recipients to be constructive, solution-oriented and goal-oriented, and we encourage a culture of communication that contributes to this objective.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

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